Cancellations Policy

There will be no charge for cancellations made prior to 10 working days before the event, unless the hirer has previously requested an invoice. Cancellations made between 10 and 5 working days of the event will be charged at 25% of the full rate. Under 5 days notice will be charged at 50%. Cancellations of 24 hours (or less) notice will be charged in full.


Cancellation notice periods and charge to hirer:

* More than 10 working days:  No charge

* Between 10 and 5 working days:  25% fee charged

* Under 5 working days:  50% fee charged

* 24 hours or less: Full fee charged plus any catering costs incurred by VAR.


If the hirer has ordered a buffet through VAR, 24 hours notice will be required to cancel it. Otherwise the hirer will be charged for costs incurred by VAR. VAR will try to accommodate calendar changes of existing bookings where possible without invoking the cancellations policy.

Voluntary Action reserve the right to cancel a room booking without prior notice should it be deemed necessary.